Transitional Steps Pediatric Physical Therapy offers families individualized one-on-one care to enhance the development of their child’s functional mobility and potential.

Having over 15 years of experience specializing in pediatric therapy improvement, Transitional Steps is “a place where your child’s needs come first”.

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Our History

Our therapists are highly trained and Board Certified and licensed. We specialize in individual home exercise programs for each child’s needs. We continue to strive for excellence with progressive up-to-date continued educational courses. Our therapists have over 12 years of clinical training. We believe in transformation and are committed to helping children live a more functional and independent life through a collaborative approach with family and all medical personnel that may be involved in child’s care.

When to choose Physical Therapy?

A Physical Therapist evaluates and assesses problems with physical development such as sitting, standing, crawling and walking. We work to achieve efficient movement, increase strength, and increase coordination and mobility for your child. We also evaluate the need for any adaptive equipment or orthotics to further your child’s physical movement.

At Transitional Steps Pediatric Physical Therapy we are compassionate about enhancing your child’s physical abilities to perform all functional mobility activities.

Next Steps…

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